Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mobile Office Entrepreneurs (click text title)

Today, the number of unemployed in the U.S. has reached about 14 million, over 9 percent. As a result, millions of people are seeking new opportunities joining a growing trend of Mobile Office Entrepreneurs using the advances in communication technology, entrepreneurial creativity, and the ever-more-hectic pace of modern life all combining to encourage the rapid development of mobile businesses.

In the U.S., the more than 25 million small business entrepreneurs employing 75% of the population are a driving force in the development of laptops, cell phones, PDAs, Netbooks, and free WiFi Internet connections now found at most shopping malls, hotels, public libraries or coffee shops. In this fashion, portable devices have inspired entrepreneurs to work from their home office, car or sitting on the beach redefining traditional paradigms. These wireless gadgets allow us to learn, fulfill and deliver high quality work from anywhere in the world.

Many mobile office entrepreneurs are further supported by President Obama’s innovative solutions such as passing the recent 2009 Recovery Act that provides an additional $15 billion for SBA seed money loan programs and “sustainable green” business tax incentives specifically targeted for start-up ventures. For example in 2008, the most frequently financed industries were services, retail trade, accommodation/food service, construction firms, and manufacturing according to a recent study by the Urban Institute.

Stop waiting and use your unique talents to build the dream that can give back to your community by starting a consulting business, fitness training, food catering, car detailing, shoe repair, landscaping, mobile dog grooming, pest control, home painting, selling body lotion or artistic painted rocks door to door. You can accomplish any dream thru smart, hard work while benefiting from the cost savings and personal healthy leisure of being a Mobile Office Entrepreneur.

The sky is the limit - why limit your possibilities and gaining business exposure for your unique talents by confining yourself to a stationary expensive fixed office environment. Get out there and make it happen – all you really need is a cell phone, laptop and WiFi Internet connection to launch your start-up from any geographic location worldwide.

Starting your own business is liberating. You are in charge of your own destiny. No big company’s compensation package can compete with your personal satisfaction and the potential to make millions giving back to the community.

Learn from others in your trusted social network of successful people. Research how others have achieved success. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel simply find within yourself a unique talent and ability to produce a product or service people are willing to buy.

Constantly upgrade your education. Using low cost mobile e-learning resources that save time and deliver valuable knowledge information thru interactive video, text, audio and graphic animations. Almost, every major public library, trade group, university and college offers mobile e-learning courses, certificates or degree programs online that can conveniently fit your busy schedule.

For example, via mobile e-learning entrepreneurs can save cost of at least 60% on educational training generating a significant competitive advantage including;

• Reduced reporting and record-keeping expense
• Reduction in certification fines and penalties from the numerous trade regulatory agencies
• Reduction in training time, no transportation costs learning via Internet
• Reduction of costs for printing educational materials
• Improved staff performance
• Increased time utilization of mobile hardware

Many great online resources exist for mobile entrepreneurs interested in continually gaining competitive advantages by upgrading their education such as; The U.S. Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) , Social Entrepreneur - Enterprise Reporter, NNPA Foundation, Google Distance Learning Directory, , The National Center for Education and U.S. Open Directory of e-Learning Colleges and Universities.

Education and training is important; it’s the second component to “doing the knowledge.” And you have to have root knowledge, not branch knowledge. Having a comprehensive knowledge requires digging deep, even if you are ahead of the game at the start with a bundle of natural skills for a particular business.

Go for the Gold – define your own vision in the fast paced economy as a mobile office entrepreneur use every competitive advantage you can afford. Keep your focus, potentially making millions giving back to the community. Remember getting where you need to go takes two separate efforts - one to look at the map and the other to look out of the windshield. Once you have defined your goals and vision, learn to sprint hard for your rewards.

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